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Suratthani Rajabhat University has conducted education quality assurance since the academic year 1996 according to the announcement of the Rajabhat University Council on the subject: “Policy and regulations for the implementation of education quality assurance of Rajabhat University, 1996, announced on 23 September 1996”. This is the period before The Education Act BE 2542 became effective in Chapter 6, Section 47, 48, 49, 50 and Section 51. It can be said that the standards and education quality assurance by educational institutions proceeds that is educational quality assurance both in internal and external along with the establishment of the Office of Educational Quality Assurance Suratthani Rajabhat University. With systems and mechanisms for quality control, quality inspection and evaluation is a guarantee for the stakeholders and the public for ensuring that the faculty and university programs can provide quality education.
In the academic year 2000, self-assessment reports were conducted at the university and proceeded internal quality assessments from the Internal Quality Assessment Committee, and experts from the Rajabhat University Council have taken corrective action based on weaknesses / solutions and strengths / reinfrocement.
In the academic year 2001, was the start to receive the assessment of the faculties from the internal quality assessment committee of the university and the experts from the Institute Council by evaluating the performance according to each 9 elements that were adjusted from the criteria from the Office of the University Council.

In the academic year 2002 and 2003, the university conducted internal quality assessment from the Internal Quality Assessment Committee of the university and continuously monitored the operation by using criteria in 9 elements, 53 indicators and reports for obtaining external quality assessments for the higher education by using the eight standards of the Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organization).

In the academic year 2004, the university conducted a follow-up examination and evaluation of the dean and the president in accordance with the Rajabhat University Act, 2004, Chapter 4, Section 39 49 50, continuously every year. Later, SRU recieved the first external quality assessment from the second round of the 2006 academic year and the third round in the academic year 2010
In the academic year 2014 – present, Suratthani Rajabhat University conducted educational quality assurance by assessing the quality of education within 3 levels, the curriculum level, consisting of 6 components, faculty and institutional levels, consisting of 5 elements, according to the announcement of the internal quality assurance committee on the subject of rules and regulations on internal quality assurance of Higher Education, 2014 and report the results of the assessment to the Office of the Higher Education Commission via the database of educational quality assurance (CHE QA Online)

In the academic year 2017, the university adjusted the structure of the division within the university. According to the resolution of the University Council announced on 28 November 2017, the Office of Educational Quality Assurance changed the name to “Quality assurance department ” which is under the Policy and Planning Division, Office of the President.

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